Hi, I’m John.

I’m an ESL teacher based in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve taught at a number of language schools here. Recently, I’ve been at Douglas College, a large public post-secondary college, where I teach advanced reading and writing for academic purposes. I’ve been teaching since 2003 and last year I completed a Master of Education (Applied Linguistics) after three years of part-time distance learning.

For a couple of years I taught IELTS test preparation at Canadian College of English Language in downtown Vancouver. I developed this course myself for blended learning delivery. CCEL is a paper-free college and all students bring their own devices – laptops, tablets or phones – to access online material while in the classroom. My studies sparked an interest in student collaboration on writing tasks. Using Google Drive in the classroom afforded a way for students to co-produce a text easily, while still working face-to-face. I completed a research project on this, which in turn became a conference presentation, and gave rise to this blog.

Now it’s a space to explore collaborative writing and other ESL issues of interest.

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